A Letter From Allied Cycle Works Founder

The question that I get asked more than any other is: “Why?” Why build a new brand? Why manufacture bicycles yourselves? Why not just make them in Asia like everyone else? My official answer is: “It is the right thing to do.”

I have been in the bike industry my entire life: from changing flat tires in the neighborhood bike shop to serving as North American manager of a leading European bicycle brand to founding and managing HIA Velo. When I started in this industry in the early ’80s, every bicycle brand produced their own truly unique products and local bike shops were the hub of the cycling scene. The industry was fueled by passion and rich in culture.

In the last 20 years, I have seen most all of the bicycle makers, excluding a handful of artisans, close their factories and outsource production to Asia. Almost overnight, bicycle manufacturers were converted to “brands.” The industry lost its soul and began to focus on global supply chains, outsourced product development and finance mechanisms to push high inventory levels into your local bike shop. I grew tired of watching product launch videos from companies only showing a paint booth and hiding the actual production of their frames. When I saw companies and associations lobbying for their bicycles to have the “Made in America” mark when they were “assembled in the USA” and manufactured overseas, I knew that it was time for change and time for an American made product to emerge.

In 2014, when I left Orbea, I went in search of the next great brand to bring to the United States. After countless meetings and futile explorations, it became clear to me that the industry is lost and a sea of sameness. I had two paths to consider: leave the industry that I love or build a new brand of products that we manufacture entirely ourselves and change the industry for the better. I picked the latter.

Over the past two years, backed by like-minded investors, I have assembled a team of the best designers, engineers and product development talent available and acquired the machinery, technology and facility to build best-in-class carbon fiber bicycles right here in America. We put our hearts and souls into every single one on a mission to make Allied Cycle Works the breakaway brand of integrity and authenticity in the industry. We have complete and total transparency at our Arkansas-based facility. We invite you to visit us, to see what we are doing and to be a part of our effort to move bicycle manufacturing forward. On January 24, 2017, we proudly launch Allied Cycle Works. Join us on our journey. We ride together.

Tony Karklins
Founder & Managing Director
HIA Velo
Allied Cycle Works

Under One Roof

We’ve put everything – everything – under one roof.

Not only because we’ve got the red, white and blue feels, but because it’s smarter. We can make changes and adaptations in days rather than months. Because we own the facility that makes the bike, we can institute a new layup or spec modification whenever we please.

We work closely with US suppliers to source the best materials. Our design and engineering teams sit side-by-side with manufacturing and utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies. It’s an approach that works, and one that riders will appreciate.