PINARELLO Bolide TR Framesets & Complete Builds

$5,500.00 USD



Pinarello Bolide TR

There aren’t too many disciplines that require as much commitment as being a triathlete. Excelling at three sports over great distances in one day has to be about the hardest thing a person can do. Make your tri-life a little easier when you train and race on the Pinarello Bolide TR.

The only difference between the Bolide TR and the Bolide TR+ is the type of carbon used for each bike. This version uses a slightly heavier Torayca T700 UD carbon, which helps to keep the price down. But it is no less durable, nor is it much hampered by the extra weight since Pinarello has done a fine bit of designing and engineering to ensure this Bolide TR remains lightweight, stable and responsive, in addition to mixing the aerodynamics and comfort levels perfectly. They have managed to do that by taking the WorldTour Bolide as a starting point, and then layering in those features that will make this the perfect bike for triathletes.

So they started by re-evaluating the geometry since it needed to be tweaked to make the bike more comfortable for longer distances without compromising the aerodynamics. The dedicated triathlon geometry means that things like the head tube were lengthened by 35mm and the seat tube angle moved forward to 78° to allow the rider to get into an ergonomically relaxed position that would still be wickedly aero. Combined with the aero TT bar and the ability to add 40mm spacers under the extension and 10mm spacers under the pads, you shouldn’t have any trouble dialing in your position. Then they used a computational fluid dynamics simulator that included a human dummy to also make certain that the bike and rider could work as an aero whole.

Looking to keep the handling stable while still having the snap you need to jump out of corners and get up to speed quickly, they dropped the bottom bracket relative to the TT Bolide, but they kept the 395mm chainstays, which guarantees an excellent power transfer and agility when you need to burst out of the turns. And since the designers were no longer bound to stick to the UCI’s regulations like the 3:1 tube ratio, they could do things like lengthen the depth of the fork legs to improve the aerodynamics of that leading edge.

Interestingly, the Bolide TR is a disc brake tri bike. The ITU or International Triathlon Union, expanded the rulebook to allow disc brakes on Tri bikes at the beginning of 2018, so this isn’t the first time disc brakes have appeared on a tri bike. But it is something a little less common and still under debate. Really, though, it makes complete sense when you realize how having disc brakes helps the frame design get even more aero, since things like the fork and the rear monostay can all of a sudden be revised and refined to provide a sleeker face to the wind since brake blocks no longer need to be accommodated. With the 160mm rotors and flat mount disc brakes, you can count on having the ultimate stopping power even if you are racing in a sudden thunderstorm powering down buckets on you. The frame has also been optimized to work with 28mm wide tires, so you can run a grippier, more aero wheelset that will encourage you to attack all corners even in the wet.

Pinarello knows that the needs of triathletes differ from a road racer, including the need to travel with the bike frequently, and often without support. So they have made sure the bike remained easy to assemble and disassemble before and after races with very little hassle. And they have also incorporated an extensive amount of storage. There is a top tube box and a down tube box where you can store your fuel and any repair kits and tools you need. The entire design has been optimized to remain aero, and the two boxes can be removed easily if you are racing a shorter triathlon that doesn’t require so much kit.

The Pinarello Bolide TR comes in four sizes and uses internal cable routing so that you can build it up to be as neat and aero as possible. For anyone really intent on improving their cycling times while remaining relatively comfortable in the saddle, this will be an ideal upgrade to meet all racing and training goals.








. Asymmetric frame

. Drop In bearing system with tapered headset 

( 1” 1/8 up; 1” ½ down)

. Internal cable routing

. Italian thread BB

. Flatback Profiles

. Fork Flap

. Seatpost Aero with Aero Rear Clamp

. RAD System Disk Brake

. Front Thru-Axle 100 x 12 Shimano

. Rear Thru-Axle 142 x 12 Shimano

. Disk Flat Mount max 160mm

. Max Tire 700 x 28