P3X Disc Ultegra Di2 R8060

P3X Disc Ultegra Di2 2.0 R8060

2019 Cervelo P3X

Our engineers have dedicated years of research, development, testing and more, into creating a new personal best. The PX-Series. The fastest, most technologically advanced tri bikes ever made.

We crafted the PX-Series with you - the triathlete - in mind, rooting our designs in asystematic, engineering-first approach that fuses every possible macro and micro-adjustable element. We put all preconceived ideas aside and started the Research & Design process with one goal: let the needs of the triathlete dictate.

The PX-Series bikes established new industry standards and have won numerous races and awards. Most importantly, they have earned accolades from racers at all of levels.

Shaped by your unique habits, needs and requirements, the cutting-edge,personalized design of the PX-Series will have you training more efficiently andtraveling easier for the fastest, most powerful race of your life. We know that you push your limits; these are the bikes that will keep up.


It’s Personal. The P3X was designed for our triathletes. We watched you on the road, and made note of every angle and detail, big or small. We listened to your feedback and what you needed for your personal best. We learned from the original research and design. And, by leveraging many of the advantages that make the PX Series an industry leader, we developed the P3X. For you.

We engineered the P3X with the same ride quality of the P5X. We made it lighter andstiffer. The comfort, control and confidence you command on the P3X is second tonone. The P3X will drive more of you to push your limits and reach your personal best.