Road & Tri Bike Bike Rental Details

Here's how it works:

1. Choose a bike (road to tri).
1. Pick a date.
3. Reserve.

For carbon road and tri bikes, here are the prices:
Daily: $75
Weekly: $250
Race Package: $150
(This can include an early pick-up and drop-off on Monday after the race.

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We rent wetsuits. $60 for the weekend. Reserve one here.

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Race Rentals: Wheels

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Road and Tri Bike Rentals in San Diego County

Need a bike for a week?

We've got you covered. Give us a call or text at 619-656-5222 and we'll help you get you all set up!

Rentals Available: 


Road and Triathlon
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HED Wheels: $150 for 5 Days
Zipp 404 or 808 Wheels: $250 for 5 Days
Rear Disc Wheel: $200 for 5 Days