Notio Konect Pro
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Be one of the first people in the world to own Notio's brand new Konect Pro, and access real-time aerodynamic data on all of your rides.

The Notio Konect records real-time data and analyzes your performance, one ride after another. The initial idea behind it? To combine as many sensors as possible, from standard to highly complex ones, in a single wearable innovative device. Challenge met!

This device allows you to optimize your riding position aerodynamically, anytime in actual conditions and beyond any marketing claim. A better position means more power, less drag, and improved comfort. With Notio Konect you can test different equipment to determine which is fastest, whenever you want and as often as you want.

Notio's innovative technology, proven in the field of aviation, isolates various factors to namely calculate real-time CdA and render a global portrait of the performance. Imagine being able to know and quantify the elements that impact performance on the bike. What kind of impact do wind and topography have? How are watts distributed? Notio Konect answers these questions.


Notio Konect

All your cycling measurements correlated and analyzed in a single compact and compatible device. Discover Notio Konect ?


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