The Best Fitting in San Diego County

Here at Pulse, we know that the most important thing about any bicycle is how well it fits. A perfect fit optimizes comfort, efficiency and handling. 

Whether you're getting your first bicycle, wanting to upgrade to that custom built dream machine, or you just want to ride your current bike more comfortably, our team of certified bike fitters would be more than happy to take you through the process of a proper bike fit.

Why spend lots of money on a fast bike and not get a fast position?

A bike that fits you correctly will be safer, more comfortable, and -most importantly - more fun. 

Our fitting process involves listening to your needs and wants as a cyclist. We use several different methods in fitting from Serotta, F.IS.T (Triathlon) to some concept from Retul. Fitting is a process, not a one day this is your final position.  

As we work together you riding in your new position for some time is part of the process. Here at Pulse we are here during and after your fit for free follow ups and adjustments to your fit. 

Bike fits are included with every bike purchase!

If you didn't purchase your bike with us a professional fitting starts at $150 depending on the goals of the athlete. 

Give us a call or shoot us a text to schedule a fitting session: 

(619) 656-5222